Reason No. 1) “It’s Simple. You Are the Most Important Tool of Your Trade!”

We all understand the value of getting the best gear to optimize our sound – but what about you? Let’s face it, if there isn’t enough wind in your sails, or you are playing with pain or injury – even the best kit won’t get you where you want to go. That’s where Yoga4Drummers comes in!

For millennia, Yoga and Mindfulness have been considered valuable self-care and personal transformation practices. Even today, they are widely recognized as essential practices for peak physical performance and optimal health and well-being. And now you can benefit from these time-tested practices! |Join the ranks of the Marines, LeBron James, the Seattle Seahawks and many others who are leveraging the benefits of Yoga to excel at their craft.

Reason No.2 In Today’s Industry You Can’t Afford Down Time…Let Alone The Cost Of A Dr’s Visit!

But you can afford the $28.18 Yoga4Drummers annual membership fee! About 13 million Americans (yes, including drummers), will visit the doctor this year for back pain. According to Blue Cross, the Average Cost of a Drs. visit is $130-$180. Ouch! That hurts more than the back pain – or common drumming ailments like neck, shoulder, wrist or hip pain for that matter. Yoga4Drummers, like brushing your teeth – keeps you smiling and feeling the best ever so you can max your time at the kit and balance the body afterwards!
Let’s Face It, You Do Your Absolute Best Drumming When You’re Feeling High Vibe!

Reason No. 3 You Don’t Have to Feel Bad to Feel Better!

You brush your teeth even though they’re not falling out. Right? Similarly, Yoga4Drummers is a preventive measure to ensure your drumming longevity, one you’ll be glad you began. Even if you are on top of your game now, Yoga4Drummers can take you to the next level! Elite athletes are on top of their game too – but want more – to be legendary, and to excel without the likelihood of injury. Yoga4Drummers is your ticket to ride that same train to being extraordinary!