The Y4D Drum Stick Tree Planting Project

We can all agree that Trees are Simply Amazing!

According to the Arbor Day Foundation, "they clean air and water, slow climate change, ease poverty and hunger, prevent species loss and feed the human soul," and they communicate with one another. How cool is that?!

Oh wait! They also provide us with drums and drumsticks!

Wow! I can't even imagine how many trees have made my drumming life possible.  It's likely I'd have to plant an entire forest to grow back the wood I've shredded over time and for the kits I've had.  To show my gratitude for their contribution to the joy of a lifetime, not to mention for providing me with oxygen, I'm planting some trees.  Now you can too!

Look Familiar?

The least I can do is plant a tree.  Right? That's why Yoga4Drummers will be supporting the activity of  Plant It 2020 and  The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation. As drummers and consumers of trees,  we can do our share!  Tell a drumming friend! Like a carbon offset program, this one ensures your peace of mind as you progress on your path towards legendary drumming status.  Just imagine not only are you adding to the planet's groove, you're cleaning the air and environment.  Flipping sustainable reforestation. Awesome!

Trees Actually Communicate!

Click here to see how!

The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation:  Sustainable Beauty Day 2013, Mococa, Brazil