"Going to AA is the only chance in LA you get to see fellow musicians." - Moby

Y4D Touring Wellness

The touring lifestyle and unceasing demands of celebrity are both challenging and exhausting, not to mention have the potential to lead to substance abuse and result in post-performance depression. My experience as an Integrative, Somatic Therapist and Ashtanga Yoga Instructor for Five Star resorts combined with my experience teaching Trauma-Informed Yoga and Mindfulness in a Prison Addiction Treatment setting to address the underlying neuro-biological causes of addiction, make me uniquely qualified to work with the touring performer.

My capacity to embed with the band as the drummer provides a container of ongoing support and ensures the greatest likelihood of the performer's continuity of practice and success.  Regular practice is essential to the success of any recovery program, in particular self-regulation practices that require experiential learning rather than only Cognitive Behavior Therapy.   Being invested in the band's success directly as a member, adds an additional layer of trust between myself and the client as we share daily routines of wellness and self-care.

Yoga, Mindfulness, Therapeutic Bodywork, Plant-Based Nutrition and regular consultations in context (while on tour) can stabilize the pendulum swings of the tour experiences.  Additionally, clients will develop the capacity to re-calibrate to an internal base-line of peace and energized calm after a performance, thus reducing withdrawal from the performance high to ensure the greatest potential of success when coming off the road and back into the "mundane" activities of life among family and friends.  The result, the best possible performance and touring experience for all.

These evidenced-based practices foster:

  • Greater Self-regulation and Capacity to De-escalate Hyper-Arousal,
  • Decreased Impulsivity,
  • Increased Emotional Resilience,
  • Improved Pain and Stress Management,
  • Improved Sleep and Restfulness,
  • Increased Capacity to Relax,
  • Greater Equanimity to Experience and Manage Life's Vicissitudes.


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