” We are “ human photocells” and our primary source of food is sunlight.”

                                                                                     – Dr. Johanna Budwig:

Biophontic Energy

Did you know that humans, “yes, including drummers,” are actually photo cells that run on sunlight?

alex-grey-body-electricAs drummer’s we may spend a good portion of our day in a closed, windowless studio, basement, or better yet, a concert hall or stadium in order get the job done.  And while this is awesome in and of itself, it is essential to our thriving behind the kit, to keeping the doctor away, to get a healthy serving of Mother Nature and Father Sun on a regular basis. Daily!



Sunlight is not only vital for Vitamin D production, but science is starting to tell us that elements of sunlight, in particular Biophotons, are a critical component of our cellular communication. Researchers like Fritz Albert Popp considered the father of Biophotonic energy in 1974, Johann Boswinkle and Dr. Johanna Budwig state that these highly organized light particles are responsible for catalyzing cellular functions at about (100,000 per second)!   Eating a diet rich in whole,  live foods can help us get our fair share of “stored sunlight in our diet.”  Raw foods are electron rich and act as high powered electron donors and solar resonance fields in the body to attract, store and conduct the sun’s energy in our body.

“The greater our store of light energy, the greater the power of our overall electromagnetic field, and consequently the more energy is available for healing and the maintenance of optimal health. Calculations show that the helix form of the DNA molecule exhibits the ideal geometric form of a /hollow resonator/, which allows it to store light very effectively.”  Dr. Johanna Budwig

Hugging a tree, laying in the sun, taking a hike, or my favorite, finding a stream to swim in after an outdoor yoga practice after a long drumming session, may be just the thing to re-invorgate the drummer for her or his next practice.


Food for thought….

Johan Boswinkel, founder of The Institute of Applied Biophoton Sciences based in Drammen, Norway who has been working with biophotons (and their relationship to DNA function since 1982, has this to say about our DNA:

“2% of our DNA runs all physical functions of the body – we are 2% physical. 98% of our DNA does things we don’t have a clue about?

How do you want to push your envelop?  So much more coming about accessing this potential!  Stay tuned. – ml



(Images above by Alex Grey and Google Images)