Most often, and sadly, yoga is associated with flexibility (if not scantly clad women on the cover of magazines donning a “yoga body”).  Following this ideal can get an aspiring student lost on the path or injured, and in each case, potentially missing out on the benefits of the practice, which runs much deeper than its aesthetics.  Similarly, strength doesn’t guarantee happiness either. I know some very strong and bendy, miserable people. Neither group is satisfied either – the strong ones want what the bendy folks have and vice versa. Where’s the peace in that?

One quick look at the global landscape and it’s easy to realize that the world doesn’t need more flexible people per se. What we could all benefit from though is more people deeply connected to their hearts – courageous spiritual warriors who play drums of course, AND who spread their groove and high vibe around to everyone they meet. It’s common to hear the flexibility bit.  This is largely due to the association with the physical aspects of yoga.  Heck, we’re in human bodies and our sense doors create the illusion that there are limitations to what we can experience.   While the over 35 million folks in the US who now practice yoga will absolutely improves their flexibility (which can make life more fun… a lot more fun), it is the deep self-inquiry required to progress through the practice that lifts the veil on  those elements that delivers the lasting goods- gratitude, healthy self-love, self-appreciation, self-compassion, humility, optimism, tolerance, equanimity…. and if you’re really lucky… maybe some raw chocolate…

So if flexibility isn’t the end game, then why practice? Great question. The “why” is in the internal process – what’s invisible to others. The dialogue you cultivate with your self, the appreciation and gratitude you feel for yourself, the energy that you create for the body to heal and thrive, the peace of mind you arrive at after having sensibly explored your physical reality through breath and movement while imbued with compassion – This my friends will make your socks roll up and down and having the best days ever. This you can take to the streets, kit, studio – wherever. As you align more completely with yourself, you become a force of nature and you can enjoy the feeling of spreading it around to folks with whom you interact.   Oh and you can also expect, increased flexibility, joint mobility, strength, aerobic capacity, and a decreased likelihood of injury…. in case you were wondering. Any questions?

Just to note: It is this very human potential acquired through retooling the mind and having the body follow that is the reason behind Epigenetics and Neuroplasticity research. Science has the mind and heart under a microscope and they are now catching up to what the yogis of millennia ago knew all along-it changes the body.   Not sure if it is here we dive into Biocentrics…perhaps in the “What?  There is a box?” post coming soon.

For now, Sign up now for the Yoga4Drummers program and expect to change your game; change your brain, and you’ll soon be crushing your drumming potential and ensuring your drumming longevity!

Have a super day!


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