There’s a concept in marketing psychology that states that if it’s too affordable, customers will not recognize its value.  Yoga, like meditation, was never intended to be commodified and offered for a fee.  Yoga was meant to be universally accessible to all regardless of background, station or status. In this spirit, I want Yoga4Drummers to be available to all drummers.

Ages ago, it was a student’s commitment to personal development; to becoming one’s own master that teachers were looking.  That was the investment. Persistence to this end is more challenging than forking over large amounts of cash for such a program, and therefore the volition is said to have greater purity. There is a saying – “as is the seed, so is the fruit..” “as is your volition, so is the fruit of your actions…”

The intent behind this traditionally based, universally accessible program, is that all drummers, through the insights gained by their personal practices, by living well for their own benefit and the benefit of others, and by enhancing their capacity to express authentically behind the kit, will make the world a better place.  And for this balance and harmony to then feed back into extraordinary levels of attainment behind the kit. 

Additionally, many of you may have multiple memberships to other fabulous web-based drumming lesson sites. Me too.  This can add up and drummers may not have available resources access to information to increase their vibe.  Yoga4Drummers is THE perfect, affordable and essential complement to all on-line drumming education platforms.