“We are pronounced clinically dead when there are not longer electrical impulses in the brain…”


“Whoa!  plug me in…. get an extension chord and quickly! Does Apple make a portable charger for my brain… the iBrain or something?…. eeek!” How do I stay electric and keep this ride going….?

Did you know that we are like a human photocell, running on biophotonic energy and electrical impulses?

An integral part of this equation that makes it all possible are the trace minerals in our diet that come from the mother herself, planet earth. It’s been known for over 50 years that our soils are depleted and that most Americans are running on mineral “empty.”


The video below by by Trace Minerals, in particular, part two of the video (with the light bulb experiment),  outlines the importance of having minerals in our diet for optimal electrical function on many levels.

This include our nervous system function, brain activity and muscular contraction – essential stuff for a drummer’s peak performance and endurance.  Minerals also help keep our body alkaline – which is very important for immune function, decreasing inflammation, and for overall vitality!



Ideally, these minerals are sourced from fresh, raw whole foods such as fruits and vegetables locally grown in mineral rich soil.  Give our known depleted soils, this is not often the case.  Processed foods are also low in minerals.  Come to think of it, most bottled water is “dead” too!

We all are aware of the importance of electrolyte balance and replenishment but this goes one step further.  To support optimal health and to keep my body electric, in addition to a diet in predominantly whole live plant foods and Biolumina Spirulina, I add Concentrace Minerals by Trace Minerals to the water I drink.  Especially, when I’m not in Sri Lanka, where an abundant supply of electrolyte containing coconuts abound, not to mention where there is plenty of mineral rich soil and amazing fresh local produce!

So drummers, there are a number of mineral products on the market – Cell Food, Ionique, etc.  all good.  My experience is with Trace Minerals – rock solid product and affordable.  Always add to your bottled water and feel the vibe. Check it out!