Hey Folks,

Talk to the hand….. they’re good listeners….  more to come….


If you made it this far then you’re on board with becoming the most vibrant version of yourself that’s possible.  This program is domino one on you’re journey to optimal health. And without further adieu we’ll begin with the Hands Addendum.  There is a piece in the main Drummer Specific Sequence, and I’ll be adding still more ways to care for these puppies….

These are some baseline exercises that do for my hands on a daily basis.   There are some additional exercises that I’ll add shortly to create even more balance, fluidity and strength in your hands.   Like yoga for the rest of the body, which increases joint mobility and flexibility, these stretches will keep your hands free and energizes.

Practicing the yoga breathing techniques from the Body Section while doing these will ensure an optimal physiological context for the practice.