Why Is Yoga4Drummers So Affordable?

There’s a concept in marketing psychology that states that if it’s too affordable, customers will not recognize its value.  Yoga, like meditation, was never intended to be commodified and offered for a fee.  Yoga was meant to be universally accessible to all regardless of background, station or status. In this spirit, I want Yoga4Drummers to…

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Top Reasons Why Yoga4Drummers Is Essential for All Drummers!

Reason No. 1) “It’s Simple. You Are the Most Important Tool of Your Trade!” We all understand the value of getting the best gear to optimize our sound – but what about you? Let’s face it, if there isn’t enough wind in your sails, or you are playing with pain or injury – even the…

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Flexibility Doesn’t Guarantee Happiness (A Response to FAQ 1: “I’m Not Flexible Enough To Do Yoga.” )

Most often, and sadly, yoga is associated with flexibility (if not scantly clad women on the cover of magazines donning a “yoga body”).  Following this ideal can get an aspiring student lost on the path or injured, and in each case, potentially missing out on the benefits of the practice, which runs much deeper than…

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